7 May 2018
Launch of the 2018 ACT
Chief Minister’s Export Awards

7 May 2018
Applications open

30 July 2018
Applications close

7 May – 14 July
Application Review Service

30 May 2018
Entrant Workshop

3 July 2018
Export Awards Application Workshop

12 July 2018
Entrant Workshop

August 2018
Judging applications

5 September 2018
Finalist Presentation Cocktail Event

27 September 2018
2018 ACT Chief Minister’s
Export Awards Ceremony

27 November 2018
56th Australian Export Awards National Ceremony

Professional Writing and Review Service

Take advantage of the professional writing and review service and celebrate your international business success!

If you are time poor, or just looking for help or advice  in finalising your application – let us know and we can help!

Tips + Tricks for Applying

The quality of the application submitted is an important factor in demonstrating your organisations achievements and thereby enhancing your prospects of winning. The main basis of judging will be the responses to the questions outlined in the application form.


Brush up on your application by attending these informative workshops. Learn what to avoid and how to create a winning application.


The Export Council of Australia is pleased to provide live webinars as a support tool for the applicants of the 2017 Export Awards program.

The webinars will provide helpful information on how to complete a winning entry while providing a platform for applicants to ask questions about entering the awards.